Next generation mobile quantitative cyanide monitoring:



Key features

CyanoGuard has reinvented cyanide testing: Discover CyanoSmart®.

High precision, high safety

For accurate, reproducible, and reliable results.


Build in internet connectivity.
Results and alerts accessible from everywhere, anytime.

Mobile handheld stand-alone analyzer

Small and light-weight, takes your measurement system outside of the lab where results matter most!

Reliable results

Quick and reliable cyanide measurements in just seconds.
With customisable measurement ranges.

Modern software

Clear user interfaces and software that is tailored to your needs

Fast Results

Easy to use with no sample preparation required.
No more waiting time!


Cyanide monitoring easier and safer than ever!

  • Get immediate alerts delivered to your mobile phone

  • See when and where measurements are being taken

  • Immediate results, no waiting time

  • Measurements accessible from everywhere

handheld analyzer

Our instruments combine ease of use with maximum safety and provide results within seconds. Using spectrophotometry, our systems yield highly reliable results, giving you more confidence in your measurements.
CyanoSmart® can be fully tailored to your specific requirements.