Real-Time Cyanide Detection and Monitoring

Our ground-breaking plug-and-play solution offers the fastest and most reliable detection and monitoring of free cyanide.


Discover our single-use, non-hazardous test cartridge that changes color based on cyanide concentration in the sample.


Get accurate measurements within seconds with our digital handheld device that transmits the results to our cloud platform in real-time.


Visualize, control, and optimize your cyanide process with our AI-based cloud platform anytime, anywhere.

Safe and Reliable Cyanide Testing with CyanoKit

Unmatched reliability, safety, and speed

Our single-use test cartridge require no advance sample preparation or filtration. Simply push the sample through the cartridge and get an instant result within seconds.

Resistant to interferences and human bias

The award-winning, cyanide-sensing molecule is resistant to commonly interfering substances such as copper, chloride, zinc, thiocyanate, and thiosulphate. No complex laboratory procedures needed.

High-quality results and test resolution

Customizable according to your desired concentration range from 0.1 ppm to 4000 ppm. Achieve superior results resolution needed for your applications.

Simple and Straightforward Cyanide Measuring with CyanoSmart 

Absolute convenience and accessibility

Experience the unparalleled speed and convenience of our portable, lightweight, handheld device built with a dustproof and waterproof casing that is perfect for the demanding mining environment.

No need for maintenance or downtime

Accomplish more with less material, personnel, and downtime. Our device intelligently recognizes errors, adjusts for sensor drift, and performs fully automated self-calibration.

Digitally transform cyanide data collection

Transmit real-time data with relevant information (device ID, date, time, and GPS location) to our cloud platform. Supervise cyanide monitoring remotely from anywhere.

Secure and Digital Cyanide Optimization with Cyano.iO

Visualize and track real-time cyanide levels

Access cyanide data anytime and make empowered decisions on cyanide concentrations and consumption with full traceability. Seamlessly integrate data into existing process control systems.

Optimize and reduce cyanide consumption

Achieve instant operational and financial benefits by applying the optimal level of cyanide. Reduce your direct cost and environmental footprint through lower consumption of cyanide and detox reagents.

Enhance transparency and ESG credentials 

Share relevant cyanide data with stakeholders and achieve better transparency and compliance with responsible mining standards. Boost your ESG rating and engagement plan.

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