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Pilot Program

Seize the opportunity to test pilot our cyanide monitoring solution and witness unmatchable results in cyanide control.

Test our Solution

Gather actual onsite data of your cyanide levels with no capital investments.

Optimize Cyanide Usage

Streamline your processes and boost your cyanide management in real-time.

Achieve Results

Impact your top and bottom line with lower operational costs and higher gold extraction recoveries.

Key Benefits

Reduce cyanide consumption by 15%

Empower mining operators to monitor real-time cyanide levels with reliable data that allows them to use the right amount of cyanide needed for gold leaching.

Reduce detox reagent costs by 20%  

Achieve evident cost-savings and efficiency that positively impacts your operations, financials and long-term ESG credentials.

Increase gold production by up to 2%

Stay ahead of your competition with better gold recovery rates and profitability. No need for substantial capital investments and large-scale maintenance.

Phases of our Pilot Program

Provide technical inputs

Establish baseline parameters

Run pilot project

Conduct the evaluation

Duration: 4 weeks

Criteria for Participation

Operating gold mine (site in production)

Cyanide-based leaching process

Cyanide concentrations up to 4000 ppm

Mobile network coverage on site

Join our Pilot Program
Experience first-hand how Cyanoguard can help you optimize your cyanide consumption.