Reinvent Cyanide Monitoring with CyanoGuard

Based in Zurich, Switzerland, we manufacture and provide the best solution for safe and efficient cyanide monitoring and management.


Transform the way you measure and monitor cyanide


Our mission is to minimize toxic reagent usage, greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and improve precious metal recoveries for gold mines by providing a reliable, user-friendly and intelligent real-time cyanide monitoring and optimization solution.


To establish a global technology platform that brings analytical chemistry in the hands of everyone and empower informed decision making that makes the world more efficient and safer.

Board of Directors

Jodok Reinhardt
President of the Board

Jodok (MSc ETH, MBA IMD) was CEO of Metrohm, a leading global manufacturer of scientific instruments for analytical chemistry. With his degree in Environmental Chemistry and his network, Jodok brings technical and business experience to CyanoGuard.

Benedikt Kirchgaessler is the founder and CEO of CyanoGuard AG. He started his studies in biochemistry and biotechnology at the University of Zurich, where he founded CyanoGuard. Before this, he obtained a degree in business & finance from Hochschule München and ESG Paris and worked in investment banking at UniCredit in Munich.

Mathias holds an M.Sc. in mechanical engineering from ETH Zurich. He is a published author in the field of cyanide monitoring and has developed the CyanoSmart and Cyano.iO platform prototypes. Before joining CyanoGuard, he has held the role of Chief Information Officer at a medium-sized company in Switzerland.

Alex Stöckl


Alex is Founding Partner at Wingman Ventures, a Zurich-based venture capital fund, and has many years of experience working with B2B technology startups and supporting their founder teams as a strategic sparring partner and by serving on their Boards of Directors.

William is Chief Investment Officer at QdN Partners Family Office. He has more than 20 years of experience working in private equity, venture capital, and strategic consulting in North America, Europe, and Asia.

Our team

Benedikt Kirchgaessler

CEO & Founder

Benjamin Megerle


Livio König

Lab Manager

Katarzyna Komassa

Production Engineer

Flavia Krauer

Production Support Engineer

Lorenzo Querci

R&D Chemist

Herbert Manaog


Irina Mostovei

Visual Designer

George Pachoumis

Electrical Engineer

Martinique Jobin

Marketing & Communications Lead

Magarita Zvezda

Mining Solutions Lead

Contact us:

CyanoGuard AG
Einsiedlerstrasse 29
8820 Waedenswil

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June 8, 2020


Global Business Report Interview

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