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June 11, 2020

3 Reasons to Collaborate in our Pilot Program

Updated on July 22, 2021

Starting a new project or implementing new technology can be exciting, challenging, and scary all at once. A new technology solution has the potential to improve one if not various key aspects of your business. From automation to more efficiency, to a better ROI, these are just some of the ways you can increase your bottom line and continue your company's growth. A pilot project is the best way to try a new solution without making any commitments. While a pilot isn't for everyone, when it comes to our solutions, we do have a few criteria to keep in mind.

Criteria for Participation

To ensure you can get the most out of our pilot program, we suggest you have the following to participate:

- Have an operating gold mine; the site should be in production.

- Use a cyanide-based leaching process.

- Measure cyanide concentrations up to 4000 ppm.

- Have a mobile network coverage on-site.

In our experience, pilots are one of the best ways to try out our solution before making a strategic decision that can impact your short-and long-term business goals. In general though, we've had great feedback from our pilots. Such as Andres Pereira, Senior Engineer at Nalco Water, a subsidiary of Ecolab, who had this to say about our pilot program, "The protocol, the procedure, and the equipment are everything we expected. We're so happy with CyanoGuard's technology since it'll make our lives easier. It also minimizes our exposure to chemicals which is also very valuable to us." So here are three benefits that you can experience when choosing our pilot program.

Gather Data on your Onsite Cyanide Levels

The main goal of our pilot program is to allow gold mine operators to evaluate the impact of our cyanide control solution at their own site and establish cost-saving results for their process. Consider it as a way to manage risk since you're able to "try before you buy." This includes minimal investment and mitigating risk of wasted resources. CyanoGuard’s solution is less susceptible to interference, less prone to measurement errors and produces results with lower variability when compared with traditional titration methods. There's no maintenance, calibration or capital investment required. During the period of approximately four weeks, you'll ultimately gain clarity on your cyanide usage and concentrations in your process. We'll provide you with the product kit, remote onboarding and web training for your operators. Rest assured, you'll get our dedicated support during the pilot project.

Optimize your Cyanide Concentrations in Real-Time

Even with a pilot project, you want a secure, effective, solution in place to properly test the new technology. With our solution, it's quick to implement with usually a 24-hour turn around to get it up and running. During the pilot, you'll be able to visualize, analyze and optimize your cyanide concentrations in real-time using our online platform. You'll have an overview of all the data points and relevant GPS locations readily available and downloadable from our cloud platform. Based on the collected data, we'll help you to evaluate which adjustments you can easily implement to achieve improvements in your gold leaching process. After all, theories and game plans are great, but there's no replacement for direct feedback.

Achieve Instant Results

Most process optimization initiatives require substantial preliminary analysis. Planning efforts are lengthy, difficult to manage and often fail to produce a long-term solution – especially when your process changes in the future. CyanoGuard’s cyanide control solution has none of these disadvantages. You can implement it without any significant preparations, changes to the production process, interruptions to your existing operations or extensive training of site personnel. Just try our pilot to instantly see positive results that last: reduced cyanide consumption without sacrificing gold recovery rates, decreased cyanide detoxification costs and water consumption, as well as overall operating cost savings.

Prepare for Rollout

After the pilot, you can easily decide – without any obligation – how you want to scale your cyanide monitoring scope to existing operations. If you're convinced by the results and our easy-to-use method, then we can discuss the next steps. Until then, be sure to check out our pilot program for more details and don't hesitate to get in contact with us to learn more.

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