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Tackling carbon emission challenge in gold mining with advanced cyanide testing technology

October 29, 2020

During the last two weeks, the EU Commission, China and Japan have announced their goal to be carbon-neutral in the next 30-40 years. Switzerland and Peru also signed their first carbon offset deal, thereby allowing Switzerland to offset its emissions through the financing of sustainable development projects in Peru.

As different countries rush to draft up green policies to achieve these goals of reducing carbon emissions or be carbon-neutral, it is not difficult to conclude that the implementation of new technologies and innovations will take on pivotal roles in these environmental policies. One will see more initiatives related to the use of renewable energy and electric vehicles, or technologies that streamline processes and reduce overall energy consumption.

As these policies take shape, the pressure to meet the targets will cascade and impact various industries, including mining. Indirect stakeholders such as investors, institutions and local communities, will also find themselves in a more demanding position to make sure corporations are fulfilling stricter climate change regulations and standards.

How will this impact mining?

• more pressure to meet carbon-neutral targets

• more administrative and reporting duties

• more investments opportunities for carbon-neutral projects

How does CyanoGuard’s solution help to tackle upcoming targets to be carbon-neutral?

Our solution offers short-term efficiency gains in the management of the cyanidation process, such as:

• reduction in time needed to get cyanide measurements of each sample

• lower rate of failed measurements, particularly for ore with a high-level of interfering metals

• higher data quality control with data traceable according to both time and location in which the sample has been tested

• improvement in coordination and workflow as data are instantly available online for review

• immediate, onsite troubleshooting which boosts operational safety

• reduction in overall Opex and Capex as a result of optimal cyanide usage

How do these short-term gains translate into a long-term impact on carbon emissions?

• reduction in the use of cyanide

• reduction in the use of electricity needed for cyanidation and waste treatment

• reduction in water consumption and detox reagent

• efficiency in fulfilling reporting and auditing obligations

To find out more about how your mining company can further benefit from our solution, download our brochure or reach out to us.

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