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May 25, 2022

Onboarding Minera Caravelí

Visiting our clients and partners is the most valuable experience for us. 

Not only do we provide in-person training and support, but we also learn how to best support our clients and improve our solution.

Our Livio was invited to visit quite a few mines in Peru. One of them was the Caravelí mine.

How was it for Livio at Caravelí?

He first demonstrated our solution to lead operators and metallurgists, highlighting the key steps of our process. Next, the operators and metallurgists repeated the cyanide testing process under Livio's supervision and coaching.

The last step is important because it allows us to ensure that our solution is used correctly and that operators achieve optimum accuracy. 

Something that caught Livio's attention at the Caravalí mine was how excellent the team he worked with was.

Most have been working at the mine sites for 20 years and they are highly experienced professionals. After the onboarding, the team gave him a big tour of the site and provided him with a live presentation on their mining process. For Livio, this was a unique opportunity to understand their needs and how they perceive the industry.

We thank the Carvelí team for their hospitality and we are looking forward to our next visit. 

Saludos de Suiza!

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