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June 30, 2022

Meet Luis Neiszer – CyanoGuard's Business Developer

1. To kick-off things, could you tell us a bit about your career background and current role? 

After completing a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering, I started my career working with a chemical company focused on the mining industry. I became very passionate about mining as a whole. That’s when I decided to further my “mining” career and pursued a diploma in Mining Operations at the “School of Engineering UNAM in Mexico”.

As a Business Developer at CyanoGuard, I am responsible for building relationships with potential clients, partners and stakeholders. I usually demonstrate our solution and explain how mines can maximize their business and financial performance with it. I am also working together with metallurgists and operators on the further development of our tech and on how we can adapt it to support user needs in the long term.

2. What excites you most about CyanoGuard's technology? 

I am most excited that our technology is able to adapt so fast to different customers’ needs. Actually, I am not only talking about our technology but also about our team and organization. We easily adapt our product to different customers and fields. For this, I give the biggest credit to our team.  

Additionally, what fascinates me is that we help the mining industry to digitize. Every little step in that direction is vital.  I am convinced that our technology starts out small but will be the fundamental piece in modernizing the industry and enabling its full transition to the digital era.  

3. Why do you enjoy selling CyanoGuard’s solution to customers? 

It’s because of our team!  

Behind our technology, there is a group of amazing professionals who are very hardworking and focused on improving cyanide monitoring and solving our customers’ problems. What I share with customers is our vision of process improvement and conveying the message of how important it is for us to help them in the right way.  

4. What is something people in our industry have to deal with and that you would like to improve? 

I want to help the mining industry change the perception that people outside mining have about mining operations and the mining industry.  

Before working in mining, I, too, had a very different perception of this industry.  

The truth is that the industry has changed a lot in the last decades. Mining today is very respectful of the environment, promotes economic growth for communities around mines. A modern mine is full of cutting-edge technology and world-class engineering that people from outside the industry often can't see.

That is why I want to help the mining industry change its somewhat mixed reputation and pioneer this change.

Together with my team at CyanoGuard, I can help the mining industry digitize a vital part of its operations, cyanide consumption. Our technology reduces and optimizes cyanide usage. While mines benefit financially, local communities gain more transparent access to data proving the mine’s commitment to ESG values and minimizing environmental impact.

5. What’s one thing that surprised you most about working at CG? 

The way our team is collaborating internally and how well our company processes are structured. Everything is well organized and modern. I enjoy working in an innovative environment.

6. What are your learning plans and how do they complement your work at CyanoGuard? 

I am planning to start a master’s degree studies in Business Economics. It helps me to better understand our clients and our strategy. I am very excited to start this new adventure and I am sure it will have a positive impact on my relationship with clients and our business overall.

7. What quote do you like to live by? 

There are two quotes I want to share with you, both representing my personal and professional aspirations.  

“Nowadays we can send a message around the world in one-seventh of a second, but it takes years to drive an idea through a quarter-inch of a human skull.” - Charles F. Kettering  

I think this phrase defines well what innovation is about.

It is about the time and effort it takes to convert an idea into a valuable solution. Sometimes the biggest challenge in driving innovation is the change that needs to happen in the mindset of people and organizations.

In CyanoGuard we are well-positioned to face those two factors. We constantly reimagine our solution with customer feedback, and we work together with clients on every step of the process, in order to build trust and make technical change easier.

“Technology is always progressive. This is its nature, it has to devalue the past.” - Charles F. Kettering  

Technology is always changing and always improving. It doesn’t mean something that worked well before is not good anymore, but it does mean that we are progressing. We should be wise enough to know when the time to change and embrace something new comes. Maybe it won’t always be perfect, but forward is where you want to go.  

If you have any questions concerning our technology, reach out to Luis, he will be more than happy to answer all your inquiries.

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