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August 6, 2020

Is Your Cyanide Monitoring Supporting Your Cloud-first Strategy?

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Cloud-first strategy and what it means for your gold mining operations?

The cloud has become the “invisible” infrastructure that enables businesses to transform, differentiate and gain a competitive advantage. Cloud-based solutions reduce complexity and streamline operations, which can help to accelerate gold production and enhance mine site performance. Gold mines that adopt cloud-first solutions perform better and have a higher chance of attracting investments and capital.

How can you benefit from cloud-based cyanide monitoring?

Cloud-based solutions like CyanoGuard’s next-generation cyanide monitoring, are more agile, efficient and cost-effective. Traditional measurement methods like manual titration are non-standardised, lab-based methods that require a longer time to result while online analyzers are often bulky and costly to maintain. Our CyanoSmart handheld devices allow mining companies to measure cyanide levels digitally at various locations simultaneously, with the feature to instantly upload to the cloud and requires no capital investments and maintenance.

Three benefits mining operators can expect from our cloud-based solution:

Efficiency and real-time collaboration

Cloud technologies are not only accelerating the way teams work but also making the nature of work increasingly remote and real-time. Operators can now perform cyanide measurements in multiple locations, while process managers and metallurgic consultants can simultaneously review, discuss and decide in real-time the necessary actions. Data transmitted to our proprietary cloud platform are easily integrated with other mining process control technologies. Despite COVID-19 restrictions, teams can continue to work remotely and independently without much causing much delay or interruption.

Traceability and transparency

Say goodbye to pen and paper. All measured data points are transmitted and secured in real-time into our AI-based cloud platform where mine operators can keep track of all historical cyanide measurements and usage. The stored data can be shared with management, Cyanide Code auditors and investors, and be used for ESG reporting purposes, thereby increasing the transparency of mining operations.

Strategic forecasting

Turn historical data into insights that improve process efficiency and enable effective corporate planning. Our AI-based analytics and machine learning algorithms can help turn cyanide data sets into strategic insights for future planning of resources such as consumption of cyanide, detox reagent, water and energy. Over time, effective cyanide monitoring help mine sites reduce the use of cyanide while keeping gold recovery expectations.

The future is in the cloud. Are you ready to jump on board and incorporate cloud-based cyanide monitoring into your overall gold recovery strategy?

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