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Improve Operator Productivity and Performance at Your Mine: A Use Case 

March 16, 2021

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See how our solution helped a mine enhanced operator productivity. See more in a webinar with Luis Neiszer, Technical Account Representative for Chemours Mining Solutions, who shares his experience working with CyanoGuard’s technology.

Our plug-and-play solution helped mine operators become more efficient at their job and increase their daily productivity. Recovering from increased operational expenditures due to COVID-19, mines can rely on our technology to improve cost efficiency, i.e., “do more with less,” which ultimately leads to a better return on investment.

Inconsistent Measurement Practices Undermined Cyanide Process Control

At a mine in Northern Mexico, various samples were collected from different points of the process (i.e., heap leach, CIL plant), which were then brought to the laboratory. Unfortunately, samples haven’t always been marked and recorded in the same, consistent manner across different shifts. Without knowing where and when exactly a sample was taken, the process manager couldn’t verify the exact sample locations and took incorrect cyanide control decisions. Additionally, most new hires had minimal work experience with laboratory techniques (such as manual silver nitrate titrations). So, plenty of time and money was lost due to onboarding, and training as well as inevitable mistakes.  

Supporting Operators with Ultra-Fast, GPS-Tracked Measurements

One of CyanoGuard’s technology benefits is that our GPS tracker records the measurement's exact time and location. Operators can take the lab with them and analyze samples onsite, avoiding the need to preserve and carry them elsewhere. Engineers and site managers have access to real-time measurements, available 24/7, through our Cyano.Io cloud-based platform.

To recap:

- CyanoGuard’s online platform makes measurements accessible in real-time, 24/7.
- Thanks to CyanoSmart’s device portability, you can take the “lab” with you and analyze samples on the spot.  
- Full transparency about when and where the sample is taken.
- Sample preservations and transportation become obsolete.

If you’d like to learn more about our innovative solution and see how we can help enhance your cyanide management, then let’s talk.  

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