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March 10, 2021

How to Minimize Downtime in Cyanidation: A Use Case 

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Gold is found in low concentrations in the ore from which it’s mined. About 95% of all gold production uses cyanide. This process, called cyanidation, uses cyanide-containing solutions to mix with the ore. To ensure that their operations use the optimum amount of cyanide, mines need to monitor cyanide levels continually. There are a few ways to go about this; one is to use an industrial cyanide analyzer. While online cyanide analyzers enable gold and silver mills to accurately measure and control cyanide levels at critical points in the cyanidation process, they do have their drawbacks.  

A Capital-Intensive Cyanide Analyzer Costs Time and Money

A remote mine in Central America commissioned capital-heavy in-line analyzers to monitor cyanide concentrations at their processing plant. The site’s cyanide analyzers need to be repaired and maintained every four to six months. Apart from the maintenance work cost, the mines’ remote location made it difficult for the analyzers supplier technical team to provide the services at the required time. There was also extensive downtime when the analyzer was out of service, and traditional silver nitrate titrations were used instead. This resulted in inconsistent cyanide concentration results, extra time needed to onboard and train the operators in alternative methods, and process downtime.

With CyanoGuard, Zero Maintenance Required

Chemours always strives to offer the latest innovations to their clients; this mine was presented with CyanoGuard to solve their maintenance complications. With our CyanoGuard technology, they discovered that it needed no servicing. Thanks to our easy-to-use solution, operators required no more than 15-minutes of training, making maintenance and downtimes a thing of the past. Not only did the mine reduce their cyanide costs, but they also saved money associated with the care and service of the analyzer. Additionally, they got consistent cyanide analysis results and mitigated the high employee turnover's negative impact at this specific location.  

All in all, the outcomes were clear:

- High costs were reduced since paying for the analyzer supplier's maintenance and service every four to six months was no longer required.
- They achieved consistent and reliable cyanide analysis results to improve their gold extraction yield.
- Operators needed minimal training, which mitigated problems associated with the high staff turnover at this specific location and offered more workforce flexibility.

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