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March 24, 2021

How to Eliminate Wrong Measurements Caused by Interferences: A Use Case

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Learn how our reliable solution solves the challenge of measuring cyanide accurately in any sample. Get all the details in a webinar with Luis Neiszer, Technical Account Representative for Chemours Mining Solutions, who shares his experience working with CyanoGuard’s technology.

No two ores are alike. Because of that, it’s practically impossible to predict how an ore will behave during the cyanidation process without prior extensive cyanidation tests in a lab. Couple that with the presence of various metals other than gold, such as copper, and you’ll find plenty of issues. That’s what happened with the following mine.  

Complex Ore Composition Makes Cyanide Analysis Impossible

A  particular mine  used four different sources of ore which had their distinct characteristics. The composite ore had between 500 to 1,500 parts per million of copper, zinc, lead, iron, and silver. The mine tried nearly all commercially available online cyanide analyzers. None of them could deliver accurate results due to the mines sample and ore composition containing high interfering metals concentrations.

Left with no other choice, they employed a modified picric acid method which took four to six hours to obtain a result. Thus, cyanide measurements took too long and slowed down their optimization processes.

How to Best Mitigate Mineral Interferences 

That’s when they decided to switch to CyanoGuard, and the benefits were clear:  

- Firstly, it’s fast – with samples taking no more than 10 minutes to analyze.

- Secondly, it’s a reliable solution that matches the resource and has virtually no interferences.  

- Thirdly, it’s portable. By needing to analyze multiple points (i.e., the plant, the tailing facilities, detox plant), they could diagnose various issues quickly.  

As a result, this mine reduced their cyanide consumption by 5%, saving them 5,500 USD a day, or 2 million USD per year. It allowed for 2% higher recovery rates which added 20 million USD to their bottom line. Additionally, the cloud-based system allowed the supervisors and managers to view their data 24/7.  

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