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Finding the right service partner to kick-start optimisation of your gold cyanidation

October 15, 2020

Digital transformation in mining is here to stay. The COVID-19 pandemic has not only impacted the global economy; it has fundamentally changed how companies operate. Travel restrictions have resulted in the emergence of a range of digital services, and industries are collaborating more digitally than ever.

With strict measures in place to keep mining operations safe, the mining industry attempts to return to business as usual. At the same time, the industry faces increasing pressure to implement technologies that promise to make mining more productive, safer and cleaner. With gold prices up at all times high post-COVID-19, many mining companies are looking to seize the opportunity to increase production. Yet, to maximise gold recovery, one should be looking at finding the right service partner that offers the technology designed to improve gold cyanidation processes specifically.

How can you benefit from digitalising your cyanide testing and monitoring with CyanoGuard?

It reduces your time to result, operational complexity and response time

Our handheld device allows multiple operators to carry out measurements at various points along the gold leaching process. All measurements are instantly transmitted to our online cloud platform where mining managers and metallurgist consultants can review and make empowered decisions on cyanide consumption and intervene when cyanide levels fall outside the desired range.

We offer an entirely plug-and-play solution with no maintenance, calibration and downtime

Our device is a mobile, stand-alone solution that can be used independently without the need for any installation, maintenance and downtime. This flexibility means mining companies can decide to run their operations as usual and complement their gold cyanidation process with additional cyanide data from our solution.

Better accuracy that impacts profitability growth

Standard measurements like manual titrations are prone to interferences from other metals, resulting in the over-dosing of cyanide. Over-dosing is costly and not sustainable, particularly in the treatment of tailings. Effective cyanide management helps reduce cyanide consumption by 15%, save detox reagent cost by 20% and increase gold recovery by 2%. All these improvements can have a significant impact on the profitability on both top- and bottom-line levels.

Data traceability raises company credentials for sustainability and reporting purposes

Improve your cyanidation process with full data traceability. Our online platform allows managers to review and visualise all cyanidation data for optimisation and reporting purposes. Data can also be fed into a central process control platform and integrated with other mining technologies. Data transparency in operations is a fundamental pillar of responsible and sustainable mining and can help build trust and credibility among stakeholders like the local community and global investors.

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