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Dive Deep into the Technology Behind CyanoGuard’s Next-Generation Cyanide Monitoring Solution

June 25, 2020

Introduction to the technology behind CyanoGuard’s solution

CyanoGuard’s cyanide monitoring solution comprises of three unique components that takes cyanide monitoring to the next level. The solution is a marriage between innovation in chemistry and data analytics that addresses challenges in cyanide monitoring using traditional methods like manual titration.

Not only is our solution fast, safe and easy to use, it also allows mining operators to obtain reliable results immediately without considerable investments in equipment, specialised training and maintenance. The plug-and-play solution enables mining operators to focus on things that truly matter: Getting the right amount of cyanide, reducing cyanide consumption cost while keeping gold recovery rates.


Within each single-use test cartridge is an award-winning, patented cyanide-sensing molecule. The non-hazardous, biological molecule changes color with the concentration of cyanide. It is therefore non-hazardous to the user and likewise, in terms of disposal considerations. As the colour change happens in less than a second, it offers unparalleled speed in the detection of free cyanide. It is resistant against traditionally interfering substances and metals like copper, thiocyanate, thiosulphate, zinc or chloride. Each cartridge requires only one millilitre of the sample, and we can customise the cartridges according to the concentration range and resolution desired and defined by mining operators.


Once the user has pushed the sample solution through the test cartridge, he inserts the cartridge into our digital CyanoSmart device. The CyanoSmart device analyses the colour change and computes the cyanide concentration using an AI-based algorithm. Our proprietary algorithm assures auto-calibration, adjustment for sensor drift and recognition of measurement errors. The free cyanide concentration measurement is usually completed in less than 60 seconds. The plug-and-play handheld device also allows users to convert measurements into equivalents of sodium cyanide. The result is then, in real-time, automatically transmitted, together with the GPS position of the measurement, to our online platform.


The cloud platform allows mine operators to visualise, control and optimise the cyanide process in real-time. Features include visualising the data on a map within the platform, exporting of data into standard reporting templates and file formats, as well as the integration into other process control platforms like ABB Ability, Siemens' SIMATIC and thyssenkrupp's POLCID. Mine operators can remotely access data from anywhere, set instant alerts for cyanide levels and have full traceability on cyanide levels for monitoring and reporting purposes. Such connectivity and data analytics features are especially essential for mining facilities in remote regions to support real-time monitoring and decision making on cyanide control.

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