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Waste Water

Both companies working with cyanide as well as relevant authorities rely on our fast testing solutions to control discharge levels, improve regulation compliance and avoid detrimental incidents. Given our robust sensor technology, our tests excel even in unknown and complicated sample matrices - where alternatives fail and require tedious sample work-up and preparation procedures.


Process and waste waters from the electroplating are known to be the most challenging matrices to accurately monitor cyanide. For our clients in this sector, our solutions provide quick and reliable results, as cyanide levels are paramount to assure operational excellence and safety.

Chemical Industry

Cyanide is a vital and efficient, yet highly hazardous bulk reagent for many manufacturing processes in chemical manufacturing. We have helped leading specialty chemical companies to minimize their cyanide consumption and destruction costs by up to 25% after only a few months. Often, other measurement methods have been failing constantly and nearly halting manufacturing. By providing our clients with a simple, fast and robust monitoring system tailored for their needs, their relevant manufacturing process is one of the most efficient in the entire business.