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Find out how our technology helps different functions in mining to achieve total cyanide control and efficient cyanide optimization process.


Process and Plant Manager 
Replace Manual Titration 
Complement Automated Analyzers 
Obtaining Faster Results in Remote Settings 

Leaching Circuit

Tank leaching: Direct measurement of slurries and leach samples without filtration.

Heap Leach: Test pregnant leach solution and cyanide feed solution on the spot with immediate results.

Adsorption Circuit

CIL/CIP: Measure free cyanide directly in any of your adsorption tanks with multipoint cyanide control.

Merrill-Crowe: Control-free cyanide levels and addition without interferences.

Water Management

Control discharge limits down to 0.1 ppm of free cyanide for detoxification of tailings.

Environmental testing of stormwater or seeps with immediate in-field measurements helps to minimize reaction times in case of incidents.

Control of cyanide content
in barren solution before restocking with cyanide and back feeding into leach circuit.

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