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Find out how our technology helps different functions in mining to achieve total cyanide control and efficient cyanide optimization process.

General and Purchasing Manager

Reduce operating costs with lower reagent consumption in the cyanidation and detoxification process within weeks of implementation.

Achieve more profitability with higher gold yield and lower costs per ounce without significant capital expenditures required.

Increase NAV with higher mineral extraction rates and lower operating costs.

Expand transparency and compliance with ESG goals to promote trust and community support.

Process and Plant Manager

Increase your plant operators' productivity by requiring less time for cyanide measurements and sample preparation which results in more gold output and fewer input costs.

Minimize operator bias, calibration errors and interference errors in your measurements.

Achieve real-time cyanide control with standardized data available 24/7 for analysis through our online control platform.

Stabilize and reduce your cyanide consumption with faster and more accurate results without the risk of interferences.


Save productive time and resources needed for collecting, preparing and filtering samples, and repeating failed manual cyanide measurements.

Complete measurements within 60 seconds, anywhere on site, and perform up to 10x more measurements compared to using traditional methods.

Adhere to health and safety standards without having to handle liters of cyanide-containing samples.

Achieve a peace of mind with our hazard-free solution which requires a maximum of 1 mL from your cyanide sample.

Examples of Use Cases by Objective

Replace Manual Titrations

Unreliable, manual cyanide titrations are the root cause to problems in most mines. In addition to their highly variable measurement performance and lack of standardization, silver nitrate titrations often over- or underestimate the exact cyanide content due to naturally interfering metals, leading to excessive cyanide consumption and diminished gold recovery.

By replacing the manual method with our fully standardized, digital CyanoGuard solution, mines achieve more consistent, real-time measurements and are able to reduce cyanide consumption and improve gold recoveries.

Complement Automated Analyzers

Automated analyzers alone are often not enough to fulfill the cyanide monitoring needs of gold mines due to regular downtime and the need for frequent calibration.

Complementing their cyanide control strategy with a reliable, handheld cyanide monitoring solution gives them the flexibility to perform measurements anywhere and the security of a fully redundant, calibration and downtime-free technology. Mines have also successfully used our solutions to verify the accuracy and errors of automated analyzers to avoid the risk of systematic errors.

Obtain Results Faster in Remote Sample Points

Sites with remote laboratories or long distances between the sample point and measurement point have to wait several hours or days for results. Without access to real-time cyanide concentration data, it's impossible to achieve an efficient cyanidation process. Studies have also shown that if cyanide samples are not measured quickly, results are biased.

With our solution, operators can measure virtually any liquid cyanide sample on the spot and obtain reliable, standardized results in seconds. All data points are instantly available online and are remotely accessible for real-time process optimization anywhere.

Leaching Circuit

Tank leaching: Direct measurement of slurries and leach samples without filtration.

Heap Leach: Test pregnant leach solutions and cyanide feed solutions on the spot with immediate results.

Adsorption Circuit

CIL/CIP: Measure free cyanide directly in any of your adsorption tanks with multipoint cyanide control.

Merrill-Crowe: Control-free cyanide levels and addition without interferences.

Water Management

Control discharge limits down to 0.1 ppm of free cyanide for detoxification of tailings.

Environmental stormwater testing or seeps with immediate in-field measurements helps minimize reaction times in cases of incidents.

Control cyanide content
in a barren solution before restocking with cyanide and back feeding into the leach circuit.

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