Reinvent Gold Cyanidation

Our fast, safe, and easy-to-use solution enables mining operators to obtain reliable cyanide data and achieve efficient cyanide control.

Ensure Process Control and Efficient Cyanide Management

Our solution produces reliable measurements in real-time and is the least susceptible to interferences and user error, when compared to traditional methods.

Avoid substantial capital investments, interruption to operations and large-scale maintenance.

Get instant, onsite measurements with our AI-based cloud platform which can be accessed by mine managers anytime, anywhere.

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Establish Consistent, Real-time Cyanide Levels Recording, Monitoring and Reporting

Our platform provides process managers with a real-time overview and visualization of cyanide levels along their extraction process.

Find all of the cyanide measurements securely online with the relevant date, time and GPS location.

Integrate data into existing process control systems for holistic monitoring and reporting of entire mining operations.

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Save on Operational Costs that Impact your Top and Bottom Line

We help mining companies meet productivity and sustainability standards with lower cyanide consumption and higher gold production.

Get all the necessary onboarding, training, and consultation to use our solution.

Stay informed on best practices in cyanide monitoring with our training material and our 24/7 support assistance.

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Reduce Cyanide Consumption Around 15%

Empower mining operators with real-time cyanide monitoring. Reliable data allows them to find the right amount of cyanide needed for gold leaching.

Increase Gold Production by up to 2%

Stay ahead of your competition with better gold recovery rates and profitability, without the need for substantial capital investments and large-scale maintenance.

Reduce Detox Reagent Costs by 20%

Achieve evident cost-savings and efficiency that positively impacts your operations, financials and long-term ESG credentials.

Digital Cyanide Measurement

> Unmatched speed in getting results.

> Enabling cyanide testing anytime, anywhere.

> Fully digital, online access to cyanide data.

Watch our video on how CyanoGuard compares to manual titration.

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Add a description of your offer and key benefits. What it is and how it helps your customer.


Add a description of your offer and key benefits. What it is and how it helps your customer.


Add a description of your offer and key benefits. What it is and how it helps your customer.

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