Our solutions support miners around the globe to maximize their operational excellence.

Efficient Process Control

Minimize cyanide consumption and by 12 % while maximizing extraction efficiency thorugh real-time, instaneous measurement results.

Zero-Accident Safety

Boost your safety record and identify safety issues in seconds before small leaks or spills turn into a disaster.

Environmental Control

Boost your environmental safety record and identify issues in seconds before small leaks or spills turn into a disaster.

Transparent Community Testing

 Minimize cyanide controversies by involving the local community to demonstrate your operational excellence in cyanide management.


  1. ADR Plant / Cyanidation monitoring
  2. Heap Leach: process control and OHS
  3. Cyanide detoxification & effluent discharge
  4. Community-enabled testing (Social License)
  5. Environmental responsibility / EHS


Since we are working with CyanoGuard Monitoring cyanide has been never faster and simpler. With the mobile cyanide analyzer we can collect 3 times as many data points, while it takes only at a fraction of the time and resources. 

Megan S.
Heap Leach Operator, South Africa

Using CyanoGuard's cyanide monitoring solutions in our process control, we have been able to reduce not only our consumption of both cyanide and destruction reagents, but also boost our extraction efficiency by 3%.

Jaime H. R.
Head of Metallurgy, Argentina

The use of cyanide on our site has been a controversial issue in particular for the local community. With the online monitoring platform we can demonstrate in a transparent way the safety of our plant. Thanks to CyanoGuard's quick tests we haven't had any incidents from the community in months.

Miguel S. B.
General Manager, Peru