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Amygdalin the cyanogenic glycoside found in high amounts in bitter almonds poses a danger to products containing almonds as bitter and sweet varieties are hard to distinguish. Our solutions help you in your food safety and quality control testing of batches. Our technology helps you to test new batches in a matter of seconds, helping to keep your production schedule on check.


Cassava the staple food and major carbohydrate source for more than 2 billion people in the world contains especially high levels of linamarin which converts to toxic cyanide in the tubers and leaves of cassava.
Our solutions are on the forefront of making this essential crop safer with process monitoring during the drying process and quick-testing for fresh tubers on markets and for communities.
Our solutions help also to increase efficiency in bio-ethanol production with cassava. Allowing optimal cyanide levels for microbes involved in the fermentation process.

Apricot Kernels

With apricot kernels on the rise as super-food, our solutions help to assure safe cyanide levels for consumers with implementations in your quality control regime and food safety protocols.

Stone Fruits

Alcoholic beverages that are distilled on the basis of drupes need monitoring solutions that extinguish the dangers of cyanide intoxication for the consumer.
Both CyanoKit® and CyanoSmart® are engineered to work in alcoholic solutions to help you to fulfil your quality standards.