Ensure High-Quality and
Food Safety Standards

Our fast and reliable solution helps food and beverage companies identify potential cyanide contamination and uphold high standards of food safety and quality.


Discover our single-use, non-hazardous cartridges that change color based on cyanide concentration in the sample.


Get accurate measurements within seconds from our digital handheld device. View the results in our cloud platform in real-time.


Visualize, control, and optimize your cyanide process with our AI-based cloud platform anytime, anywhere.


Agricultural Production

Monitor proactively the level of naturally occurring cyanide (e.g. cyanogenic glucosides) in plants or food.

Food Processing and Preservation

Ensure food processing methods are sufficiently applied to reduce cyanide levels in food crops like cassava, almonds and bamboo shoots.

Food Retailing, Import and Export

Establish early detection of food hazards, reduce associated risks, boost quality assurance and safeguard your global brand reputation.

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