Stop Cyanide Poisoning in Seconds

The world's most reliable and fastest test to detect cyanide in blood samples without any lab equipment needed.

Immediate, Point-of-Care Test for Cyanide Intoxication

Use our fast and reliable solution to identify potentially lethal cyanide levels and diagnose cyanide intoxications in seconds with only a prick of the finger.  Early treatment is vital when it comes to cyanide intoxications*.

*Pending regulatory approval. Available for research purposes only.

Ensure the Health and Safety of Employees Exposed to Cyanide  

Add to existing onsite cyanide control measures our solution. CyanoGuard works as a biological monitoring precaution that reduces the risks of cyanide poisoning*.

*Pending regulatory approval. Available for research purposes only.

Examine Possible Health Hazards and Validate Potential Apprehension

Self-check for exposure to cyanide with our tests, which don't require specialized expertise to operate and are resilient to any falsification*.

*Pending regulatory approval. Available for research purposes only.

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