cyanide monitoring

The fastest and most reliable cyanide monitoring solution for gold mining, food safety, and medical applications.


Single-use, non-hazardous cartridges that change colour based on cyanide concentration in the sample


A digital handheld device that performs accurate measurements in seconds and transmits the results to the cloud platform in real-time


Visualise, control, and optimise the cyanide process anytime and anywhere over the AI-based cloud platform

15% reduction in cyanide consumption

Real-time cyanide monitoring empowers mining operators with reliable data that allows them to find the right amount of cyanide needed for gold leaching

2% increase in gold production

Stay ahead of the competition with better gold recovery rates and profitability, without the need for substantial capital investments and large-scale maintenance

20% reduction in detox reagent cost

Achieve evident cost-saving and efficiency that positively impacts your operations, financials and long-term ESG credentials

How it works


Each single-use test cartridge contains an award-winning, patented cyanide-sensing molecule. It offers:

Unmatched reliability and safety in the detection of free cyanide

Resistance to commonly interfering substances like copper, chloride, zinc, thiocyanate, and thiosulphate

Tailor-made customisation based on desired concentration range and resolution

> Cyanide testing with CyanoKit


The digital, handheld device measures and displays cyanide concentration in the test cartridge. It offers:

Unparalleled speed in measuring cyanide concentration using an AI-based algorithm

Self-calibration, adjustment for sensor drift and recognition of measurement errors

Ultimate convenience with real-time transmission of data and GPS location to the cloud platform

> Cyanide measuring with CyanoSmart


The online cyanide management platform allows direct access to secured data anytime, anywhere. It offers:

Complete digitisation and visualisation of the cyanide monitoring process

Full traceability, control, and optimisation of cyanide consumption for reporting purposes

Seamless integration with other process control platforms and data export to different file formats

> Cyanide optimisation with Cyano.IO

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Add a description of your offer and key benefits. What it is and how it helps your customer.


Add a description of your offer and key benefits. What it is and how it helps your customer.


Add a description of your offer and key benefits. What it is and how it helps your customer.

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